Welcome New Residents!

Welcome to the Village of Ardsley! Congratulations on your new home. We are glad to have you as our new neighbors.

New home ownership can come with its challenges. Upgrades to the home's infrastructure within a few years of moving in is common. The Ardsley Climate Advisory Committee (CAC) is here to help you make strategic decisions to help you save money, position you for the future, and reduce your carbon emissions. It is truly a win/win.

We are delighted to assist you with any of your questions. We are here to help as you face your home heating, cooling and appliance decisions. We want to point out some information that we think you will find very helpful as you get started. Just click on the arrow to expand the information for the topic. If you have questions please contact us (ardsleycan@gmail.com) ! We're here to help!

We send out information monthly on energy and sustainable solutions and incentives so make sure to get on our distribution list.

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Simple Ways to Save money now

Did you know you can switch to renewable energy with no investment? No solar panels, geothermal units, or heat pumps in your home are needed to begin to lower your carbon footprint and save money today. This one is easy! Here are the options:

  • Community Choice Aggregation: If you haven’t already done so, choose renewable energy as your energy source. This one is easy, economical and seamless!

  • GridRewards: By voluntarily reducing your energy usage during several peak ‘energy events’ a year you can get money back from ConEd. Not only is this easy, but it pays you back for lowering your emissions. Savings will vary, but can be up to 20% of your annual electricity bill.

  • Community Solar allows you to reap the benefit of solar energy without the cost or hassle of installing solar panels. This is another easy one - just sign up to begin using solar energy. You will also get up to 10% savings on your energy bill by using this renewable power source.

  • SmartCharge NY is a ConEd program that sends you money for charging your electric vehicle during off-peak times. Not only is the off-peak rate lower, but you will be rewarded with additional cash each month.

Questions about these programs? Contact Sustainable Westchester or the Ardsley CAC.

Where do you start when increasing the comfort and energy efficiency of your home?

We highly recommend starting with a home energy audit to understand the energy problem areas in your home. Currently, NYSERDA is offering a FREE or REDUCED COST incentive for NY homeowners to perform an energy audit. You'll learn where to invest time and money, often for quick and inexpensive fixes like insulation and caulking.

Make small and inexpensive changes to lower your home’s carbon footprint

The best way to begin lowering your carbon footprint and energy costs while increasing your comfort is by tackling low hanging fruit in your home - and there are plenty of them! Most cost little and provide a big return. Here are some easy ones. Use the tabs on the site to find tips for each area of your home.You’ll be amazed at how these small actions really add up.

rebates and tax incentives for going green

Here’s the best part when it comes to energy efficiency - not only will you save money on your energy costs, but there are numerous rebates, refunds, tax incentives and financing options offered by your utility company, the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA), and the Internal Revenue Service. Installers often are aware of these, but it is best for you to know what benefits you can reap. Don't leave money on the table!

Home heating and cooling solutions

Furnace on the fritz? Water heater leaking? Central air unit spewing warm air? Don’t despair, this is an opportunity to save money and significantly lower your carbon footprint. Make sure you replace the faulty unit with energy efficient products. From heat pumps to geothermal solutions to solar you'll find that energy and cost efficient solutions for your home are available and come with rebates and tax incentives. Learn more about the options here.

Energy and water efficient appliances and fixtures

Replace inefficient (and costly) appliances and fixtures with energy efficient technology

Is your refrigerator now a heater? Is your washing machine on its last legs? Are those 1980 bathroom fixtures making you cringe? Is the sprinkler system no longer sprinkling? Though a problem, this is an opportunity to save money and significantly lower your carbon and/or water footprint! Make sure you replace the faulty unit with energy and water efficient products.

  • Energy Star® certified appliances and fixtures ensure that you are purchasing the most energy efficient units for your home. You’ll save money too.

  • Water is a precious resource that has its own carbon footprint. By reducing wasteful water use you automatically reduce your carbon footprint and save money on your water bill. When you are replacing fixtures in your home, make sure they are WaterSense certified products.

Get a Free Garden consultation and report

Ardsley is proud to be part of the Pollinator Pathway community. Our goal is simple, to make significant change one yard at a time. The Ardsley Pollinator Pathway offers free educational webinars, events, and social gatherings to help us support our pollinators, birds, and ecosystem in our own yards. A Green thumb is not required and beginning gardeners/nature enthusiasts are welcome with open arms. Sign up to be on the distribution list. It's fun and meaningful.

Before your landscaper suggests non-native and even invasive plant solutions for your home, schedule a free garden consult to learn about the plants on your property and how you can support pollinators and birds with native solutions. You'll get an in-depth report to guide you and also an evaluation on invasive plants that may cause you a problem.

Easy Food scrap composting and sustainability

Live Sustainably: Reduce, Repair, Reuse, Recycle

We throw out an enormous amount of food and stuff. Why did we buy it? Often we don't know. Making mindful and thoughtful purchasing decisions has a big impact on our carbon footprint, our wallets, and our peace of mind. The Ardsley DPW has provided residents with great tips to keep items out of landfills.

Our food waste is estimated to be 40% - 50% of our food supply! Make thoughtful purchases, try to purchase locally sourced products, and drop off your food scraps right here in Ardsley at Anthony F. Veteran Park. Get started today. Food that is thrown away enters landfills and emits methane - one of the most potent greenhouse gasses. It also wastes money. If it is food waste, compost it through food scrap recycling or, if it is plant based, create your own backyard compost system.

Did you know you can recycle your plastic bags and soft plastic product wrappings? Don't send them to a landfill. Check here for local establishments that will take your clean plastic bags and plastic wrapping to recycle.