CAN: Act Sustainably

Lifestyle Choices - Recycle

If we are unable to reduce or reuse, the next best thing is to recycle, which is a complex process that uses energy. The most important thing in recycling is to recycle right.

Did you know that items that are not recycled properly cause dire outcomes, including the rejection of the entire recycling load, thereby dooming it to a landfill or incinerator?! It can also cause damage to the recycling equipment and reduces the profitability of recycling. So it is really important to recycle right. If you are not sure, it is best to throw it out rather than cause the contamination of an entire load of recyclables. Our intentions are always good, but you are doing great harm if you send items that can't be recycled to the recycling center.

Get the Recycle Right App which is available for iOS, Android, and as a Web platform. The App will help answer all of your questions and also give you the Ardsley garbage and recycling schedule.

Here are just some of the common recycling mistakes to avoid. All of these should be thrown in the garbage:

  • Broken glass

  • Plastic windows in envelopes: Remove and toss the plastic and then recycle the paper

  • Plastic without any recycling stamps

  • Plastic bags or film plastic - see how to recycle these special items

  • Wire hangers

  • Unclean plastic, glass: Remove all food residue and wash and dry before tossing in the recycling bin

  • Greasy pizza boxes or any boxes with grease or food contamination - if more than 1% of the box is contaminated, toss it in the trash.

  • Paper cups/plates unless they specifically state they are compostable and are clean