CaN: Carbon Reduction

Reduce your carbon footprint

We promise that shaving off a few carbon tons doesn’t have to be too hard or impactful to your lifestyle.  We'll help you reduce your emissions in the five key emission drivers in Ardsley: Transportation, Housing, Services, Goods and Food. For each of these areas we'll offer webinars, seminars, tips and tools, as well as general information about reducing your carbon emissions while acting sustainably. 

Save Money on electricity while also reducing your carbon footprint!

Did you know that Ardsley residents have three super easy ways to save money and reduce their carbon footprint?:

Do you like the idea of solar but can't do it because you have trees shading the house (trees are an excellent thing!)? Perhaps you don't want to make the investment in solar or can't handle the hassle? Get solar electricity with no effort or investment! It's free to join and you can opt out at any time without penalty. Plus you'll receive a 10% discount on your Community Solar generated electricity. To learn more click here. It takes no time to sign up and you can take steps today to go solar the easy way.

GridRewards™ is a free, award-winning app that connects you to your ConEd electricity usage and enables you to earn cash rewards for reducing your electricity usage. The app provides information about your energy usage, tips and recommendations to reduce it. Importantly, the app is tied to Con Edison’s demand response program, whereby the app alerts you to the peak (or high demand) energy usage times in your area. During these peak times,you can earn cash rewards for taking simple energy actions.  There are no fees or penalties and you can quit at any time without strings attached. Click here to learn more.

For a step-by-step walk through of how to load GridRewards™ on your smartphone, click here. To watch the Ardsley CAN Neighbor for GridRewards™ webinar click here.

Ardsley participates in Sustainable Westchester's Westchester Power program which means that you can choose to have 100% renewable, affordable New York State hydro-power as your electricity source, delivered via ConEd. This is a simple and easy way to both go green and support New York State's green energy industry. A win/win.  Click here to learn more. Pair this with Community Solar and reap even more savings.

SmartCharge NY is a ConEd program that sends you money for charging your electric vehicle during off-peak times. Not only is the off-peak rate lower, but you will be rewarded with additional cash each month. Enroll and save.

INTRODUCTION to ARDSLEY CAN! Below find key information from the first seminar (November, 2020), including easy lifestyle choices you can make today to start reducing your carbon footprint. 

REDUCE YOUR HOME CARBON FOOTPRINT, PART 1. Below find information from the second seminar (February, 2021), including low-cost ways you can reduce your home's emissions and financial incentives to move to emission efficiency. The good news? This will not only lower your carbon footprint, but will save you money and increase your comfort too.