CaN: Carbon Reduction

Carbon footprint progress

1Q21 Update on Progress

We will be measuring our progress against our carbon footprint baseline in June, 2021. We expect to see the positive effects of changes that have been implemented during 1Q21 and 2Q21, such as:

  • Implementation of Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) by the Village of Ardsley as of January 1, 2021. CCA offers 100% renewable electric power to Ardsley homeowners and businesses.

  • Adoption of lifestyle choices and changes as a result of two webinars for Ardsley outlining easy steps to reduce emissions.

  • Approval of of a Village resolution to promote the use of low carbon concrete when possible.

  • Creation of a Climate Smart Community Taskforce to partner with the Village to implement actions to reduce emissions in the Village.

  • Roll-out of the Ardsley Pollinator Pathway Project which promotes sustainability, water smart landscaping practices and sequestration of carbon in our yards.


The Village of Ardsley is serious about going green! The recently adopted Comprehensive Plan outlines sustainable growth for the Village and puts an emphasis on environmental responsibility, climate-smart actions, and preservation of our natural resources.

The Village of Ardsley is also participating in two important New York State clean energy and sustainability programs:

  • Clean Energy Communities (CEC): Ardsley is a NYSERTA Clean Energy Community. The Village has acquired points in four of the 10 actions that are part of the Clean Energy Community designation. Accumulated points provide access to grant funding. The more points gained, the more funding opportunities and amounts available. Ardsley is working to complete additional high impact actions and accumulate more points to increase grant opportunities while reducing Village emissions.

  • Climate Smart Communities (CSC): In September of 2021 Ardsley earned Bronze Certification in the program.